Cleaning supplies animated picWhen you want your home or office to look its best, then hiring our professional cleaning services is the best option available. It ensures a clean, comfortable, and hygienic environment that your clients and family will find very attractive.

One of the top reasons to hire our professional cleaning service is because we are experts in the field. We have the necessary equipment to clean the premises. You can hire a team of our maids if you do not have the time and expertise to ensure the cleaning of your office and home.

Another one of the top reasons to hire our cleaning services company is that we are capable of delivering outstanding service. The cleaning crew always puts the customer’s first and last priority. Our team members work with extreme dedication and commitment.

Most professional cleanings have a regular timetable which allows us to take care of our customers in a very timely manner. As a result of this, customers can return to their home or office at any time of the day.
We understand how important it is to provide our clients with a clean and hygienic environment so that their home or office looks as good as new.

We understand that the most important thing when it comes to choosing the right company is quality, dedication, efficiency, and great customer service. We have made certain that we use only the best cleaning supplies and equipment to ensure our customers always have a great experience in our office and home cleaning services.

Our customers always feel that they got great value for money when we offer them top-rate services in their home or office.
The bottom line is that customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. All our team members are trained and qualified to offer you the best service and you will always have that!

Most cleaning companies do not use the cleaning materials that we do to clean your offices and homes. Our staff has been trained and certified to provide the cleanliness and hygiene that we want our customers to have.

One of the top reasons to hire our professional team is because we have a reputation for providing our clients with great service and customer satisfaction. We offer cleaning services for residential, commercial buildings, janitorial services, COVID fog sanitation, the best office cleaning available, and window cleaning as well.

We perform all types of cleaning jobs for residential properties such as clean all types of surfaces, from bathrooms, kitchens to commercial buildings, and so much more. Some of our specialties we clean are car dealerships, various office buildings, school facilities, commercial and all house cleaning services. Our staff is able to work various shifts around the clock to accommodate our client’s cleaning needs.


One of the most important factors that contribute to our success is the fact that we use products that are environmentally friendly. Our products are non-toxic products, such as a patented detergent that is completely safe to be used by anyone.

We are very passionate about our work and have been in the business for over fifteen years. This allows us the experience and knowledge that are necessary to help you keep your home or business clean.

We continue to expand our services, and reputation throughout the Pomona and surrounding areas. If you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to speak with you about how we can help your dwelling be clean and free of any germs. Unfortunately, we live in a world where we get hit with different forms of germs and viruses.

We do our best by constantly evolving in this world we live in and we now provide COVID Fog Sanitation. You can have peace of mind knowing that your family is being taken care of and that your home will remain free of germs and bacteria that could lead to illness or disease. Whether you need a complete home cleaning, sanitary services, or a complete window cleaning, you will find what you need with Pomona Cleaning Services.

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In the business world today, there are many spills and accidents that happen on a regular basis. It is important for your employees to be able to go into your office or business with a healthy environment all cleaned up. If you do not keep up this maintenance, they will begin to become sick more often and they will get sicker.

The top reasons why you should hire our janitorial services include the fact that it is very cost-effective. The costs to have a professional cleaning company to come in and clean your office or business vary with every company. You do not need to purchase any expensive cleaning supplies in order to keep in your business. You can save a lot of money in the long run when you do not spend that much money on the cleaning supplies for the office.

We use cleaning agents that are non-toxic. These cleaning agents are used to clean without causing damage to the environment.

The top reasons why you should hire our professionals at Pomona Cleaning Services is the fact that it saves you a lot of time and money for searching online for “cleaning services near me.” If you have a lot of cleaning to do in a short amount of time, you can make sure that you are not wasting valuable time. Call us today for a FREE no-obligation quote!

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If you are interested in getting a cleaning service, one of the most important questions that you would want to ask is what are the top reasons why you should hire our residential cleaning services?

One of the top reasons why you should hire our residential cleaning services is that we are: Cost-effective. It also saves you a lot of time and effort, valuable time you can spend instead with family and friends.

Another advantage is the great customer service we provide.
With our maid cleaning services, you always have a clean place! You will be able to relax without worrying about dirt and debris anywhere near your furniture and in your home.

This is just a small list of the advantages you would get from hiring a good service. There are so many other advantages that you can get from hiring us. We offer the same cleaner for every clean, locally owned and operated, English speaking and so much more.

As long as you are aware of all these benefits, then it would be safe to say that you should consider hiring us. as your next cleaning company.
Our staff is skilled professionals that go above and beyond on every job. We are consistent and dependable and offer very competitive prices.

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The most obvious advantage of using our professional office cleaning services is that your work environment will be cleaner. We use sanitizing products in our cleaning products and in our office-cleaning equipment. This is because these are used for cleaning up many different forms of bacteria and bodily fluids which are usually found on the floor or in the air and which can be very harmful to you and to your coworkers and customers if not properly cleaned up and disinfected.

In today’s world, we come across many forms of contaminants in our office environment. Although we always do a superb job making sure everything is sparkling clean, we always advise our clients to make sure to always wash their hands whenever possible as to avoid spreading any germs around the office. This is something that is unavoidable and something that we all have to be aware of and maintain clean practices at work and at home.

Benefits aside, there are also benefits that you and your employees can experience when you use our professional office cleaning service. One of the best benefits that you will experience is the fact that you will be able to keep your employees happy and satisfied by having us keep everything clean in your office. When they are happy and satisfied, productivity goes up.

They will not only be working more efficiently, but they will also have more enjoyable work hours as well. Give us a call today and book an appointment for an assessment of your office and your cleaning needs.

Window cleaning is an important service and it is one that you will want to have performed professionally. You will find that you can enjoy the benefits of this service when you hire the right company like ours over at AMG’s Cleaning Services.

If you are looking for a good window cleaning company in Pomona, CA, look no further than our professional window cleaning crew! Our team works with your specific needs and you can enjoy valuable time with friends and family while we take care of all your window cleaning.

All our staff is trained and dedicated to providing the best cleaning service you are looking for in your home or for your business. We are efficient and consistent in maintaining a clean environment with everything we do. As a cleaning services company, we use the best equipment available for every job from window cleaning to residential or commercial cleaning to make sure the job is done right the first time. We don’t stop until we get a great big smile from our clients and customers!

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Our Pomona Cleaning Services team specializes in cleaning residential and commercial spaces with the utmost dedication and professional attitude.

When it comes to house cleaning, we provide different services that can be customized to your particular needs. Ours includes sweeping and vacuuming, dusting, countertops, bathrooms, and kitchens as well as mopping every area that is required. Some of these services include the removal of pet dander, and the cleaning of bathroom cabinets if our customer or client chooses us to do so.

Home Office cleaning is another part of our services. Our team will clean any type of office size. Large offices are very difficult to maintain and this is where our professional cleaners come in to do the job. We will also vacuum the floor and the office furniture.

With AMG’s Cleaning Services, we offer all our customers and clients support through email and phone. We are also able to schedule and make sure that your cleaning services are completed on time.

Our services are completely affordable, and we take pride in making sure our customers are always happy! The supplies are provided by us, so you don’t have to worry about restocking anything for your home or office for when we come in and clean. We provide our clients and customers with the same cleaner for every clean. Our staff is honest and dependable, and we always take pride in the work we do. We do all the dirty work involved so you don’t have to do any part of it.

We have options from flat-rate pricing to recurring plans and no contracts if you choose to not have one. We will always work with you and your budget for any size cleaning. We tailor to our customers and their busy lives and provide everyone with a flexible schedule. There is no need to spend your evening after a long day’s work searching for ‘house cleaning services near me‘! You’ve found the right company with our cleaning services in Pomona, CA. We are the company that you can trust to help you get the best out of your cleaning needs in your home and office.

Pick up the phone and call us now and speak to one of our experienced cleaning pros and let us schedule an appointment to take care of all your cleaning needs today and into the future!

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